Expats in Cape Town Offer Advice to Newcomers

South Africa is one of the most popular destinations for British citizens to take an annual vacation. Every year thousands of Brits pack their bags and head off to sunny South Africa to explore the natural beauty, marvel at the wildlife, frolic in the pristine oceans and enjoy the ample attractions and nightlife. Many British citizens actually end up retiring in South Africa while some of the younger travelers decide to stay and make it their home. We regularly receive emails and posts from our readers and subscribers. We even hold an annual conference where the subscribers who have contributed the best and most informative tips and advice are honored by having an award bestowed upon them.

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Isabel Ashworth is a British expat who has been living in South Africa for the past five years and who is a regular contributor to our knowledge base. Isabel recently wrote in to describe her experiences with Claremont Dentist, Pramond Singh. Dr Singh is a dentist based in Belvedere Road Claremont who according to Isabel is worth mentioning. After having lived in Cape Town for over five years, Isabel had not yet visited a dentist since arriving in the country, something which was well overdue. Whilst living in Yorkshire, Isabel scheduled yearly visits to her local dentist in order maintain her dental health. Like many people, Isabel was not extremely enthusiastic about her visits to the dentist but did manage to keep to her once yearly checkups. However since moving to Claremont in Cape Town Isabel had not mustered up the courage to or energy to find a reputable dentist in Claremont. It had taken her long enough to build a trusting relationship with her previous dentist at home in Yorkshire that the thought of having to start all over again terrified her. Having spent a few years living in Claremont, Isabel had made some friends and acquaintances whose opinions she valued. Eventually when she realized that she could no longer procrastinate it any longer, she asked her most trusted friend if she could recommend a good dentist in Claremont. Isabel’s friend recommended Dr Singh to her as she and her family had been seeing him for all her dental appointments for many years. So, Isabel plucked up the courage and made an appointment to see Dr Singh at practice in Belvedere Rd Claremont.

“I was really nervous before the appointment especially because I had not had a dental checkup since leaving home five and a half years ago. I think Dr Singh could sense this and he was very patient and gentle in his manner with me. He’s actually a fantastic man and we chatted for most of the time that I was in the dentist chair although it was difficult at times having a mouth full of dentist tools ! After all my worrying and fretting about the dentist appointment, it turned out that I needed very little work. In fact all I needed was some plaque removal treatment and a polish. As the appointment drew to a close, I felt like I had known Dr Singh for years and he had somehow managed to take my attention of the fact that I was sitting in a dentist chair by engaging me in some very interesting conversation. I must be honest I was very doubtful that I would be able to find such a great dentist in Claremont, but couldn’t be happier with the results. I would like to recommend him to any other British expats living in Cape Town that need a good dentist.”

Well, it’s pretty clear from Isabel’s article she sent us that she was extremely happy with the quality and service that she received from Dr Singh. I think it would be safe to say that he is worthy of recommendation. If you are a British expat living in Cape Town and need a Claremont dentist that comes highly recommended by one of you countrymen then visit www.drpsingh.co.za and read through all of his certifications and credentials. I took a brief look at his website which is comprehensive and informative and was quite impressed. Dr Singh covers a variety of dental work and is known for his affordable rates.

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