VEW Mission Statement

VEW is a British based organization which is dedicated to assisting Britons from all walks of life in finding accommodation, employment and support whilst away from home. We at VEW take an holistic approach in dealing with the difficulties faced by British subjects when traveling abroad. It makes no difference to VEW, whether you are from England, Wales, Scotland. Leicester, Manchester or Nottingham. If you are a British subject and are finding it difficult to cope and survive while being away from home, VEW is here to help. VEW has representatives in several countries. At present we have eight global partners but are expanding all the time and hope to extend our coverage to another fourteen countries by setting up offices that assist our citizens in seeking satisfactory employment, medical treatment and accommodation whilst away from home.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new subscribers and encourage you to keep checking our website as we will be updating it regularly with advice and useful information. Should you need to reach us directly please use our contact form on the contact page.